The Middle East African Council of Ophthalmology, MEACO, represents and serves its professional ophthalmic societies in the region to foster their development and technological advancement, promote ophthalmic education and eye care, as well as support the ophthalmic profession at large. Today, MEACO organizes one of the largest four ophthalmology conferences worldwide.


MEACO aims to foster greater unity and collaboration among ophthalmologists and ophthalmic societies throughout Africa and the Middle East. Through MEACO's concerted efforts to enhance education, training, research, and practice in ophthalmology and related fields, MEACO aims to raise the standard of eye care and minimize visual impairment in Africa and the Middle East. MEACO's ultimate goal is to create a stronger, more interconnected community of eye care professionals with the knowledge and skills to provide exceptional care to those in need.


To promote the science and practice of ophthalmology across all ophthalmological societies in Africa and the Middle East and encourage internal cooperation on matters of ophthalmology in the region.